Prepare Now for Home Staging in the Spring Market

Helpful Tips You Can Implement Now to Help You Get Ready for the Rush of Spring Market

kitchen after stagingAlthough "the weather outside is frightful", the spring market in real estate is just around the corner. While you may not be able to work on the curb appeal of your home right now, there are things you can do on the interior of your home to prepare for home staging in the spring market. At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we are happy to come out to see your home and give you an estimate for home staging. If you decide to hire us for home staging in the spring market, we can write you a Home Preparation Plan now so you can be working on items that are specific to your home. This ensures that when you are ready to list, your home is ready to stage.Below are some tips to help you get ready:1. Start packing now!Pack out of season clothes, and donate the clothing that you no longer want. The same goes for the clutter in the basement and garage. The more you have packed, the easier it will be to show your home and the easier it will be to move when the time comes. If you have "too much stuff", consider renting a storage unit right before you list. Investigate storage facilities now to find out pricing, and hours of operation. Some have limited hours of operation, which may interfere with your move. You will also want to find out what storage sizes are available. There's no better time to pack for your move than the present. You can read more on the subject in our blog, Staging to Sell Your Home? Closets Matter.2. Look around your home and think of the furniture flow.Is there too much furniture in the space? Be sure that doorways are clear and the furniture is set up for easy traffic flow. Buyers need to be able to walk comfortably through the home. A general rule of home staging is that the furniture used in a conversation area (sofa and two chairs, for example) should not be more than eight feet from each other. There should also be at least three feet of space around your dining table. If your buffet impedes the easy flow of movement, place it in storage.In the photo above, the furniture is placed in a conversational group instead of pushed against the walls. This make the home feel comfortable, but still large. Keep this layout in mind when preparing for home staging in the spring market.3. Assess your window treatments.Are they old, dark, or ornate? If they were custom made with cornices or swagged valences, they should most likely be taken down. Another rule of thumb is if they are more than five years old, they should probably be removed. If you aren't prepared to live without curtains, you can hang simple panels or sheers for privacy.4. Have a good look at your paint.Is it making your home feel dark? Is it marked up from the wear and tear of daily life? If there are scuffs, but the paint is a light neutral color and in good condition otherwise, you can wash off the scuffs with Magic Eraser. If you have us come in for a home staging consultation, we will pick paint colors for you, if needed.5. Review the lighting in your home.Outdated lighting makes buyers think that your entire electrical system is out of date. If you have updated fixtures and outlets, they will assume that the electrical service in the home has been updated, too. Updated light fixtures also make buyers feel that you take good care of the home. Update lighting now before home staging in the spring market, when electricians tend to be busier.In this example, the ceiling fan was replaced with a contemporary chandelier that was in another room of the home. It brightened up the space and made the dining room look more formal as well as updated.6. Get a pre-sale home inspection.Address any issues found at inspection to prevent any potential problems that may impede your sale. Fixing problems now, before a potential buyer finds them, will make you money in the long run. If there are problems that you are not willing or can't afford to fix, have a contractor give you an estimate on the cost of the repair. You should disclose any issues to the buyer. That way you diffuse any hard feelings the buyer may have after the home is inspected and the issue is uncovered. You can also use the estimate you received from the contractor as a negotiation tool, because buyers generally over estimate the cost of repairs. You can read more in our blog, Reasons to Have a Home Inspection When Preparing to Sell Your Home.7. Interview Realtors® to see who is the best fit for you.Hiring a Realtor is different for everyone. Sometimes you "click" with the first agent you interview, and sometimes you have to look for a while to find the right agent. If you don't know any Realtors, we can recommend a great agent in your area.Getting the interior of your home prepared for home staging in the spring market now will save you stress later. Once the inside of your home is ready for staging, you'll only need to be concerned with the exterior of your home when the winter weather is over. Look for a post on curb appeal coming soon!Download our free guide Are You Ready to List Your Home for Sale to see if you are ready emotionally and financially to move forward with selling your home.Click to DownloadAre you interested in home staging for the spring market? Call us for a free home staging consultation at 781-489-8489.SaveSave