Professional Home Stagers Create Illusions of Space

Consulting with a professional home stager is a valuable step when preparing your home for market. Professional home stagers can assist you with recommendations on how to market your home effectively, resulting in getting your home sold more quickly, saving you time and money. Whether you are selling a large home or a small condo, a professional home stager can assist you with design concepts that make the most of your space, helping buyers to fall in love with your home. Even large homes may have small spaces like bathrooms, closets and hallways that can feel dark or cramped. The use of mirrors, lighting and neutral paint colors are just a few examples of design elements that professional home stagers use to create illusions of space.LIGHTING:The best way to create an illusion of space is to make the best use of natural light. Eliminate dark, heavy drapes around windows. Instead opt for light sheers to create soft light and showcase windows. Using several lighting elements in a room will help to draw a buyer's eye around the room. Professional home stagers know creating layers of lighting adds a feeling of warmth, depth and ambience. Layers can include overhead lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.For more information on lighting and selling your home, see this related article: How to Use Lighting to Sell Your Hometall mirror reflecting a windowThis tall mirror reflects the windows, adding more ilght to the room, while the sheer curtains gently diffuse the natural light creating a soft ambiance to this master bedrom.MIRRORS:a mirror reflecting flowersProfessional home stagers use strategically placed mirrors to create an instant illusion of space. A large mirror placed on the opposite wall from a window will reflect the natural light creating an instant illusion of space. A mirror placed on a wall in an entranceway will open up the entry, catch the buyer's eye and make a great first impression. Mirrors placed in small hallways can create an illusion of a wider space or placed at the end can create the illusion of a longer space. Turning longer, rectangular mirrors on their side can make a wall appear longer. Tall, floor-length mirrors can make a room seem taller, lighter and brighter. Place a mirror on a mantle to reflect the glow of lamps in the evening. Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of space in any room.A related article of interest on placement of mirrors is from the National Association of Realtors blog: Up the Glamour with MirrorsYou can also read more about the use of mirrors in home staging in a recent Buyers Desire Home Staging blog: Is Professional Real Estate Staging Just Smoke and Mirrors?INTERIOR COLORS:Dark rooms often appear small and look dingy. Light, neutral interior paint colors reflect and multiply light and create an illusion of space. The best color to create an illusion of space for a very small room is white, however stark white walls make rooms feel cold. Therefore, professional home stagers recommend softer hues like creams, light beiges, grays, and even light blues and greens. Neutral paint colors not only add a feeling of space but also help give your home a move-in ready feel which is important to buyers. Your professional home stager can assist you in selecting the best neutral paint colors for your home.To explore recent interior color trends check out another Buyers Desire Home Staging blog: New Neutral Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Every Home Builder Should Know AboutFor guidance on selecting the right paint for your home, see our Color Testing Guide.Click to DownloadContact Buyers Desire Home Staging for a complimentary professional home staging consultation at 781-489-8489.Save