Professionally Staging Your Home For Sale Is More Economical Than A Price Reduction!

We have staged many homes, and have seen them sell quickly after staging. So, it surprises us when a homeowner chooses not to professionally stage their home for sale. What concerns us even more is when we see a homeowner take a price reduction when they have decided not to professionally stage their home. Our professional home staging service is almost always less expensive than a price reduction. We have watched a vacant home that we consulted on four months ago continually drop its price. At this point it has been reduced four times for a total of over $24,000 from its original price. The very first price reduction was more than it would have cost to stage the home. The home is owned by a company that rehabs (flips) homes for a profit. Now, considering all the price reductions and carrying costs, this home is most likely going to be sold at a loss for this rehabber.tray with drinks and flowersWe compiled our statistics from last year, and found on average that the homes we staged sold for 6% more money and 76% faster than the homes we consulted on and the homeowners chose not stage. This means that a $400,000 home we staged sold for $24,000 more than a comparable unstaged home, and it sold in 23 days vs. 95 days. That’s a significant amount of time and money!When a buyer views a vacant home, there is usually nothing to encourage them to emotionally attach themselves to the home. They also have no frame of reference for the size of the rooms or the best layout for furniture. A buyer is also more critical of the home when it is vacant. There is little to look at, and flaws stand out much more than they do in a home that is furnished and room before and after home stagingWhen a buyer views an occupied, unstaged home, they can be easily distracted by personal items, and not be able to imagine themselves in the home. Professional home staging presents the occupied home in a way that encourages prospective buyers to see the positives of the home and not be distracted by the owner’s belongings.bedroom before and after home stagingProfessional home staging will not only give buyers the spatial frame of reference they need to understand the best arrangement for their furniture, but will tug at the emotions of the buyer. When the buyer can envision living in the home, they will be more likely to make an offer.To calculate what you could save by professionally staging your home for sale, download our Savings by Staging form.Click to DownloadWe welcome you to give us a call for a complimentary consultation at 781-489-8489.SaveSave