Reasons to Have a Pre-Sale Home Inspection When Preparing to Sell Your Home

illustration of magnifying glass in front of a houseAs professional home stagers, we recommend to have a pre-sale home inspection when preparing to sell your home. Professional home staging makes your home more likely to receive a fast offer for more money, but if the home has a poor inspection the sale may not go through. A pre-sale home inspection will ensure you know what condition your home is in and enable you to remedy any issues that may scare buyers away.Below are 5 reasons why a pre-sales home inspection is beneficial when preparing to sell your home.

  1. Go on the market strongKnowing the condition of your home allows you to correct issues prior to listing. When everything is in good repair you will be confident that the buyer’s home inspection will go through without any hang ups.
  2. Prevent costly negotiationsIf you can’t make the needed repairs, obtain estimates on the cost of the work. If the issues are not within your budget to correct, show the inspection report and estimated cost of repairs to the buyer. Buyers tend to over-estimate the cost of repairs and will try to negotiate beyond the actual cost of the repair. By being prepared with estimates, you will ensure that you aren’t potentially reducing the price more than necessary.
  3. Ensure the buyer’s financing will be approvedThere are many structural issues that will prevent a buyer from obtaining a mortgage. The lender is usually looking for assurance they are lending based on a solid purchase that is not likely to lose value. If structural integrity is compromised – for instance a leaking roof or faulty wiring – the lender may not approve the loan unless these conditions are repaired.
  4. Create good faith between you and the buyerBuyers worry that they may buy a home with issues they don’t find until a few months into ownership. When you are upfront and honest about any repairs that need to be made with the buyer, they will appreciate your candor and be confident about making an offer because you aren’t trying to hide anything from them.
  5. Highlight upgrades you have madeA seller may not notice the upgraded electrical service or added insulation when they tour a home, but a home inspection that verifies these upgrades will give you something to brag about!
home inspector on a ladderWhen preparing to sell your home knowledge is power! Many times a pre-sales home inspection reveals structural issues that you may be unaware of. When you know what is wrong with your home, you can take action and make the needed repairs. Don’t give buyers a reason to look any further than your home. Come on the market prepared to sell!Because we are professional home stagers, we view it the way a buyer would. We alert you to issues we see – cracks in the walls, uneven flooring, etc. However, nothing compares to a pre-sales home inspection to ensure a smooth sale.Download our FREE “What Buyers Desire” guide below.Click to DownloadFor more information on our professional home staging service, or to schedule a FREE in-home consultation, call us at 781-489-8489.Save