Resolve to Organize!

A New Year's Resolution You Can Really Live With!

Most of us love to have our homes organized and orderly. There's nothing like knowing your belongings are where they should be, and finding whatever you're looking for in a flash. Is this your year to become organized? The sense of control it brings is empowering!

Whether you are getting ready to sell or you are staying right where you are – having an organized home is a huge bonus. Imagine your home organized with everything in its place – your drawers, cupboards, and closets are tidy and not bursting at the seams. If you are selling, a buyer will walk into your home and feel like there is plenty of storage, and they will be able to live an organized life. The goal of staging is to make buyers feel at home and imagine themselves living the lifestyle that is portrayed in the home. When buyers see an organized home they also feel that the home has been well taken care of.

Here are some simple solutions you can incorporate into your home and you will be on your way to organizational nirvana! The solutions pictured here are from The Container Store. They have almost any configuration you can dream up.

  • Purchase magnetic containers to store spices on the side of your fridge.
  • Use those same magnetic containers with a metal bulletin board in your office to store paperclips, stamps and other small items
  • Store pot lids on the inside of your cupboard door with a rack.
  • The back of a door can hold a great deal of items. Shoes are easily stored on the back of a door, but you can also store bathroom and laundry items, too. In a pantry you can store everything from soda bottles to peanut butter.
  • Turn an unused nook in your home into an office by adding a deep shelf to use as a desk top, and place more shelving above. Tie it all together by unifying it with color.
  • Donate items that you don't use any more. Haven't worn it in a year? Donate it! It will make organizing your closet much easier.

You will be surprised how much space you will gain once you organize your home. If you need help, just call. Getting organized is easier than you may think!