Staged Open Houses Sell Homes

Open House SoldAs professional home stagers we have found that real estate agents fall into two camps: those who believe in open houses and those who do not.

The ones who do not believe in conducting open houses have told us that it is a waste of time because only 20% of homes sell at the open house. However, we compiled our 2013 statistics and found that 63% of the homes we staged sold at the first open house! In real estate, time is money. The longer a home is on the market the less money the owner will make from the sale. Selling at the first open house guarantees you will make the most from the sale and save money on carrying costs. Additionally, selling quickly reduces frustration and worry that comes along with having your home on the market.

We believe that an open house is crucial to selling for the most amount of money, but your home must first be professionally staged. The real estate agents who have told us that open houses don't work are also the ones who don't regularly stage their listings. You must have enticing MLS photos online to generate a packed open house. When MLS photos show cluttered, boring, and lack-luster homes then people won't be motivated to see the home in person. Staged MLS photos get people in the door and the staged home sells it. When you have a packed open house, a sense of urgency is created among buyers. Instead of vacillating about whether or not to make an offer, buyers are quick to make strong offers for fear of losing out on the house if they wait.

If you want to sell your home quickly and for the most amount of money, professionally stage your home, have great MLS photos, and have an open house.

Download our Open House Checklist below to ensure that your home looks its absolute best during the open house.


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