Staging a Home for Sale Is All About Styling

Read How the Same Chair Was Used in 3 Different Homes, For 3 Different Lookschair with gray and white cheveron upholsteryStyling a home for resale is at the heart of a home stager’s profession. It is our belief that when staging a home for sale, styling the home to appeal to the most likely buyer is critical. Below, we will demonstrate how a chair was styled in three different homes to achieve three completely different looks.We bought two of these chairs at HomeGoods - a fantastic place to find fun decor items and furniture for your home. Immediately we were drawn to them because of the fun chevron print and nail head trim.We purchased them for a condo we were staging in Jamaica Plain, a section of Boston. Jamaica Plain is a very attractive area for young professionals; it’s safe with a hip vibe and not as pricey as other areas of the city. The condo was a third floor walk-up in an older home. It needed a kitchen remodel, but the homeowner didn’t want to undertake a renovation. He hired us to stage it to show the potential to a young buyer, with the hope that they would overlook the outdated kitchen.

chair with gray and white cheveron upholsteryLook 1: Fun and Sophisticated for a Young Professional BuyerWe styled the two chairs to show them as a fun place to sit and have a cocktail. We added colorful pillows that coordinated with the artwork (not shown) and set up a round drum style table with a martini shaker, glasses, a jar of olives, a lemon, and a small grassy plant in an orange vase. The overall feeling was fun and young, yet sophisticated. It was easy for a young person to image themselves and a friend sitting there having a drink, discussing their upcoming plans.

chairs with mustard and burnt orange throw pillows

 Look 2: Rustic Chic for a Rural Home Buyerchair with sage green throw pillowWe later styled a country home, when staging a home for sale in Douglas, MA, and used the chair again. This time we added a green pillow, made of the same natural muslin fabric as the chair. This coordinated with the green trim that ran throughout the home. We also added a round linen ottoman to give it a more traditional feel. Although the pattern of the upholstery was fun, the muslin fabric played a key role in the styling. The chair came across as an updated country, pseudo-wing back chair in this setting. We also added the metal art of trees and a fence to mimic the rural setting of the home.

chair by wood stove

 Look 3: Cute Nursery for a Family Home Buyerchair with stuffed animalWhile its match was in Douglas, we used the other chair when staging a home for sale in Canton, MA. Canton is about 20 minutes south of Boston, and home to many people who commute into Boston for work. The townhome we staged was quite large with 3 bedrooms and it was well suited to a young couple or family. In fact, the current owners were moving because they had two children, and wanted a single family home. We placed our chair in the baby’s room and added a fun orange pillow that went with the safari style art that we hung in the room. We also put the baby’s stuffed lamb on the chair to add to the “cute factor”. In this context, the chair came across as fun, modern, and sweet. It was easy to imagine a mother sitting in the chair reading a story to a young child.

chair and crib

When staging a home for sale, we approach the process a little differently than many stagers; we style a home to appeal to the most likely buyer based on our assessment of the buyer demographic. We do not design a home to appeal to the masses, because - really, what the heck is that, anyhow? It is our belief that if you try to satisfy everyone’s design tastes, you’ll end up with something rather bland for fear of offending someone. We style the homes we stage in a way that connects with the targeted buyer. Our statistics are better than the national staging average, which shows that this approach works. We believe that a targeted approach gives our clients the best results.Download our "What Buyers Desire" guide for more information. Click to DownloadIf you would like more information or free consultation, please give us a call at 781-489-8489. We'll be happy to meet with you.SaveSave