Staging a House for Sale: To Paint or Not to Paint

paint chipsWhen staging a house for sale, we often come across wall colors that should be “neutralized.” We don’t want the homes we stage to be painted “builder’s white” – A.K.A. vanilla. When we pick neutral paint colors for home staging, we choose one with character. You can read about the latest trend in paint color in our blog, Painting Tips When Preparing Your Home for Sale.Many times we encounter homeowners who tell us that painting is too much work when staging a house for sale, and that they don’t want to bother painting because the buyers will want to paint it “their way.” In general, buyers don’t want to do any work before moving in to the home, they want a move-in-ready home. Yes, they may want to “make it their own” and repaint it eventually, but they want to be able to move in immediately and then paint and remodel when they have the time and money.However, when staging a house for sale, there are times when we meet a seller who is in a hurry to go to market and does not want to paint their home. In times like these, we do everything we can to make the existing wall color work. The following before and after photos are all from the same Cambridge condo, and demonstrate how professionally staging a house for sale can make the most of unusual colors:before home staging  after home stagingThe intense orange of this wall could be off-putting to buyers when staging a house for sale. The seller wasn’t willing to paint, so we staged the home to make the most of this accent wall. We broke up the wall with a light ivory sofa, but added the orange back in with the artwork, pillows and decorative accents in the room.before home staging  after home stagingThe strong color in this kitchen came together with bold artwork that picked up the colors in both this wall and the orange in the adjoining living room. Staging a home for sale requires a customized approach for each home, to make the most of its individual characteristics.before home staging  after home stagingThe very strong purple of this wall is overwhelming when the room is empty. However, when staging a house for sale, using the white bedding and white artwork to break up the purple, makes it feel less intense. We brought small amounts of purple back in with pillows to tie it all together.before home staging  after home stagingThis bathroom is painted a very bright yellow, which felt too intense for the room. This is what the homeowner likes. However, we were staging a house for sale, so we hung bright yellow, orange and brown artwork with a white mat and frame over the towel bar (you can see this reflected in the mirror) and we placed a plant with yellow blossoms on the back on the toilet. We also used orange and white towels to refer back to the picture we hung and the orange wall in the adjoining living room. Using the color that you are trying to tone down - in small amounts - broken up with white, will make that color feel purposeful.This condo sold after the first open house for $30,000 over-asking! Professionally staging this house for sale helped make sense of the strong color palette, while helping the buyer emotionally connect with the home by setting up the décor items to appeal to the most likely buyer.Are you unsure if have the right paint color? Download our Color Testing Guide.Click to DownloadCall us at 781-489-8489 for a FREE in home consultation to see how we can assist you make the most of your property.SaveSave