Staging a House for Sale will Lead to Great First Impressions

Staging a house for sale is simple marketing. When you improve upon the product the value goes up. When buyers see a home that looks unappealing or unattractive, they will simply move on to the next listing. By quickly and effectively capturing their interest, your chances for an offer greatly improve.When selling your home, buyers have three first impression moments that are critical to establish and maintain positive feelings towards the home. Staging a house prior to listing helps all three first impression moments be positive ones.

  1. MLS PhotosStaging a house prior to listing will make your MLS photos ones to rememberThe very first impression buyers will have of your home is when they see your MLS photos online. Over 95% of buyers look online first to determine which homes they are interested in seeing in person. Staging a house and hiring a professional real estate photographer is a winning combination that will ensure your MLS photos stand out online and get buyers excited to visit your home.Below is an example of an MLS photo that will grab buyers’ attention. The home was staged by Buyers Desire Home Staging, the function of the room is clear, and the professional photo shows the true beauty of the room.dining room after home staging
  2. Curb AppealYou have 15 seconds to make a lasting impressionWithin 15 seconds of viewing a property in person the buyer will make an assumption about the home. Staging a house will ensure the interior looks great but the first thing the buyers will see is the exterior. Having a well-maintained lawn, freshly painted door, new mailbox and door numbers, are just a few suggestions to ensure the buyer’s first in-person impression is a good one. Having great curb appeal will get buyers excited to see the inside of the home, and let them know that the home has been well taken care of.
  3. A Staged InteriorGreat online photos and curb appeal have built up buyers’ expectations – keep them soaring with a staged interiorThe buyer has been impressed with the online photos enough to visit the home in person and the great curb appeal has built up their high expectations. The inside of the home is what they’ve really been waiting to see. Keep the last and most important impression of the interior of the home high by staging the home. A professional home stager knows that when staging a house, each room must stand out while also maintaining a cohesive flow throughout. When a buyer walks through the home and each room is highly stylized and has a clear function, buyers will fall in love and make an room after home stagingStaging a house prior to listing is an investment that will ensure buyers have a great impression of your home that will lead them to make an offer.
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