Staging to Sell Your Home? Closets Matter.

If you have decided to sell your home and you’ve begun the decluttering process it is important not to neglect your closets. The importance of storage to a potential buyer is often underestimated. In fact storage space is one of the most important factors buyers consider when deciding whether to purchase a home. Buyers are looking for ample storage and they will be looking inside your closets and built-ins. Whether you have a little or a lot of storage space, when you are staging to sell your home, closets matter. Making the best use of space with what you have will leave a lasting impression. A well-organized closet appears larger and tells the buyer that you care about your home. Let buyers see how much storage space your home has to offer!closetBEDROOM CLOSETS. A good idea when you are staging to sell your home is to organize your bedroom closets. The best way to get started is to remove everything. Clean, vacuum and wipe down shelving. Add a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color or white if needed and make sure closets are brightly lit. A good way to look at your belongings is to understand the 80/20 rule, which is the idea that people use 20 percent of what they own 80 percent of the time. Go through your clothing, shoes and accessories and donate or throw away anything you haven’t worn in the last year. Fold and store clothes that are not in season, this will help you get ready to move.When returning clothes to your closet make sure hangers are all the same shape and color and are all facing the same direction. Arrange clothes by color from lightest to darkest. Hang ties and belts on hangers and place handbags neatly on shelving. Adding baskets or bins for laundry and drycleaning and an over the door shoe hanger will keep clothes and shoes off the floor. When staging to sell your home, keeping the floor clean and empty is a key element for making your closet feel spacious.Make sure you are leaving your closet only 2/3 full. If your closets are overstuffed, potential buyers will ask themselves, “If they can’t fit everything, then how will I?”LINEN CLOSETS. When you are staging to sell your home the same ideas of keeping closets clean and organized apply to linen closets. Make sure shelves are wiped down and freshly painted. Remove old shelf paper and add new if necessary. Fold towels, sheets and blankets so the edges of each face the back of the closet. Use clear, labeled bins to store toiletries. The same 80/20 rule applies to your linen closet. Keep only three sets of sheets for each bed in the house and three sets of bath towels. Be sure to throw away ratty towels and buy new ones, if necessary.folded towelsWhen you are staging to sell your home, it is important that you do not use your closets as a dumping ground to hide unwanted clutter. A clean, organized closet maximizes the feeling of storage space and gives the potential buyer a good feeling that the home has been well cared for. Taking the time to declutter all the spaces in your home will show your home’s full potential and you will be more organized when it comes time to move.For a related article on staging to sell your home and decluttering see HGTV’s, Organizing your Linen Closet.For more information on staging to sell your home, see our Open House Checklist.Click to DownloadContact Buyers Desire Home Staging for a complimentary consultation at 781-489-8489 or at