Staging Your Home is More Cost Effective than a Price Reduction

Home Staging Should Make You Money in the Long Run– Not Cost You Money

staged living roomAt Buyers Desire Home Staging, we stage homes and they sell fast! Our statistics for 2013 (our 2014 stats are being compiled and will be released soon) showed that 64% of the homes we staged last year sold at the first open house! And, 80% of the homes we staged were under agreement in 30 days. 25% of the homeowners we staged for told us their Realtors were so impressed with the staging that they decided to list the property at a higher price!
According to the Boston Business Journal, the average price reduction on a Massachusetts home was 5% in Q3 (July – September) of this year. Think about this figure – 5% may not seem too bad when you think of it as a percentage. Heck, our sales tax is lower than that. But, it terms of your home – 5% is a lot of money! If your home is listed at $500,000, a 5% reduction is $25,000. And when you have to reduce the price of your home to attract buyers, let's face it, you look like a desperate seller. Buyers can "smell fear" – or at least they think you're a desperate seller when you've been on the market for a while. The national average price reduction is 8% after 3 months. So that same $500,000 home will drop its list price by $40,000 after 3 months.Did you know that we have a price guarantee that our home staging fee will not be more than 1% of the value of your home? Unlike other staging companies, we do not base our fee on the value of your home – we base it on the amount of time we expect to spend preparing for and staging your home. We believe that home staging should be effective and affordable. Professional home staging is a cost effective way to market your home. In many cases, home staging is tax deductable. Check with your accountant to see this applies to you.Buyers Desire Home Staging, Inc. is a professional home staging firm. We carry insurance, have been certified by the most intensive home staging training school in the country, and we are active members of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). We pride ourselves on our professionalism and responsiveness to our clients. You can read reviews from our clients on,,, or on our reviews page at living roomOur home staging service provides great value! We have a large warehouse full of décor items such as pillows, art work, plants, dinnerware, bedspreads, and accessories, we can stage your home to appeal to the most likely buyer. Many stagers don't have their own inventory – they have to rent everything they bring into your home, and staging your home with someone who doesn't have their own décor will usually cost more money. The home stager who depends on the décor offered from a rental company is also limited by the inventory of the rental company. Because we have our own décor, we only go to rental companies for the large pieces of furniture such as beds, sofas, and dining tables. This allows us to bring more décor to your home. We are committed to building a diverse and unique inventory, so we are constantly purchasing new décor. At times we may not have a specific décor item that we want for a home we stage. In this case, we purchase the item and keep it in our inventory. This gives each home we stage a fuller look than homes staged by individuals without a warehouse of inventory.Download our Savings By Staging guide to calculate the amount of money our home staging service can potentially make/save in the sale of your home.Click to DownloadIf you are planning to sell your home, call us in for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help you sell it faster, and for more money.SaveSave