Team Approach to Home Staging

We've all heard the common adage, "there is no I in team". Although our egos may tell us otherwise sometimes, we all can accomplish more and perform our best when in a team. The same is true when it comes to selling a home.

At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we take the team approach to home staging and believe that it takes the Realtor, home stager, and home seller working together to ensure a quick sale of the home. We all perform important responsibilities, and without one piece of the equation, the task of selling becomes much more difficult.


Realtor + Home Stager + Home Seller = SOLD!

Realtors: When selling, a Realtor's main responsibilities are to price the home properly and market the home effectively. They are the ones who attract people in to view the home and then seal the deal. They are your advocate during the selling process. They will make sure all your loose ends are tied up before listing your home, to be sure that when the offer comes in, it all goes smoothly.

Home Stagers: A home stager's main responsibilities are to make the home look the best it can by making quick design changes and recommending inexpensive updates. They set the scene for how the home's specific buyer demographic aspires to live, and creates emotional connection points throughout the home so that buyers emotionally fall in love with the home.

Home Seller: It is simple economics that when you improve upon a product the price and value go up. As a home seller, your main responsibility is to view your home as a product you are selling. By keeping the home clean, decluttered, and staged, you vastly improve your chances to sell your home.

Employ the right team, ensure the home looks its best,
and watch the offers fly in!

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