Trust Your Home Staging Professional

Home staging is a very effective way of marketing your home. When a home is styled to appeal to the most likely buyer, it sells faster and for more money. Professional home stagers know how to create a targeted design plan geared towards the most likely buyer for your home. That being said, the staged look of your home may not appeal to you.Interior design trends change every 3 – 5 years. If you haven't updated your home in a decade or more, your home may look great to you, but it will probably not look fresh to buyers. Buyers today are bombarded with design trends through the internet and television, with channels like HGTV and sites like Houzz shaping their expectations of what they'll find a new home. For a more in-depth explanation of this phenomena, read How Houzz Is Affecting the Real Estate Market. If your home looks dated to today's buyers, no matter how much you paid for the look a decade ago, they'll most likely pass it by.

beforeliving room after home staging

This “before” photo shows outdated curtains and artwork. The exercise bike and grandfather clock also had to be removed in order to make this condo appeal to a younger buyer.

The “after” photo shows the staged room styled in a more attractive and sophisticated style. It sold in just a few weeks, to a young newlywed couple.

Your goal is to sell your home quickly for as much money possible. Trust your stager! When your home is staged, it appeals to the appropriate buyer, and that is not necessarily you. Think about your situation when you moved into the home. Were you newly married and ready to start a family? Were you outgrowing your current home and needed more space, or did you to move to this home to get your children into a better school system? If your children and now grown and gone, and you are moving to downsize or retire, the staged look of your home may feel unnatural – that's natural! If it was staged to appeal to you, it probably would not attract the right buyer. This is why it is so important to have a trusted home stager with a great reputation.
cluttered living room before home stagingliving room after home staging

This “before” photo shows a cluttered home that lacked color and organization. The homeowner did not have a budget for rental furniture, so we used what he had in the home, but updated it with accessories specially selected for the target buyer and geographical location. The home sold well over asking price at the first open house.

The “after” photo above shows an improved furniture layout. By moving the large sofa to another room, the love seat was floated in the space, dividing the room into two areas, which made it more functional. Before home staging, the room had a “bowling alley” feel – long and narrow. After home staging it felt updated and comfortable.

 Remember your end goal is to sell your home quickly and for the most amount of money. Although the staged home may feel awkward to you, it will feel perfect to the targeted buyer when it's properly staged, which will result in a speedy and successful sale.  Before you put all your trust in your home stager, first determine if they are credible, experienced, and trained by a reputable home staging school. You can read our blog entitled Who Is Staging Your Home For Sale? for guidance on choosing a qualified professional home stager. To further assist you in determining credibility, you can download our guide, Ten Most Important Questions to Ask a Home Staging Company.Click to DownloadFor a FREE home staging consultation, call 781-489-8489.Save