Using the Color Pink when Staging a Home for Sale

When Applied in Moderation, Pink is an Elegant Design Choice

Recently there was a trending story on Facebook about a man who purchased a home that hadn't been lived in since 1956, so the home went virtually untouched since then. You can see pictures of the kitchen by reading Country Living's article "This Retro Kitchen Is a Perfectly Pink Blast FromThe Past". The countertops, cabinets, and appliances are all pink. I could never understand why pink was ever a popular design color of choice. Although some people find it charming, I cringe when I see an all pink tiled bathroom and when my clients are staging their home for sale I always recommend they re-glaze the tiles white.I decided to look into this pink design trend from the 1950s and learned that it came from the first lady, Mamie Eisenhower. Mamie decorated the White House all in pink, and it was coined the "Pink Palace". Women wanted to be her and therefore started decorating their home the way Mamie did – everything in pink. The color pink also became a symbol of patriotism and idyllic lifestyle after World War II.I would not say that pink is a color of choice when staging a home for sale, unless we are talking about a young girl's room. Otherwise, it is rare that we choose to stage with the color pink. However, when done correctly, pink can be a very elegant accent color to use when staging a home for sofaWhen staging a home for sale we like to ensure that there is a consistent color story throughout the home to keep all the rooms feeling cohesive. This past year we were hired to stage a nice home in Dedham, MA. The family room had a vibrant red sectional that needed to stay in the home while it was on the market (on right). However, we didn't want to bring red accents throughout the house because that would have felt too strong and dramatic for this particular home and target buyer demographic. Therefore, we chose to use pink accents throughout the house to carry a color theme without having to use the color red.
For the living room, we chose dramatic reddish pink cherry blossom art and pink pillows on the sofa. This color not only helped carry in the red tones from the room across the hallway, but also added a feminine touch to the dark leather sofa (see below).staged living roomIn the dining room we used coral colored dishware and a white dogwood floral centerpiece that had a touch of pink at the center of each flower. These pink tones added a pop of color to the dark brown walls (see below).staged dining roomIn the bedroom, we added just a touch of pink with a bright colored pillow on the bed and artwork with peach and pink tones (see below).staged bedroomNot only did using pink accents look upscale and elegant in this home, but it made sense of the red sectional.Recently we were hired to stage a 450 square foot condo in Boston that had pink walls. Although usually we would recommend to repaint pink walls to a more neutral color, in this case it worked. The buyer demographic showed the most likely buyer would be a single person. Therefore, we played up the pink to make the condo look like a great single lady's pad (see below).staged condoWhile pink isn't always our color of choice when staging a home for sale, when done correctly it can look fun and bright and entice buyers to make offers!To find out how much you can save by staging a home for sale download our free guide, Savings by Staging guide. Click to DownloadIf you are planning on listing your home for sale we would love to meet with you and explain our home staging service. Call us at 781-489-8489 and we can set up a free consultation.Save