Vacant Home Staging Success in Braintree MA

Vacant homes are notoriously hard to sell for a multitude of reasons – but the main reason is that only 10% of people can visualize a space beyond what they actually see in front of them. For the other 90% of the population, their mind goes blank when they see empty, cold feeling rooms. This is far cry from the warm, inviting feeling buyers need to have in order to emotionally connect with the home and make an offer. Staging enables 100% of potential buyers to literally see how they can live in the home – instead of relying on the 10% who can imagine it.

Linda and I consulted on a home in Braintree about a month ago that had been on the market for three months without a single offer. The home had a lot of nice features and was in a desirable neighborhood, so the Realtor knew it wasn’t selling because it needed to be staged. Before staging, people viewing the home commented that they layout wasn’t functional and was confusing, and it indeed felt that way in its vacant state. You walked through the front door into the main living area which was a large, empty L-shaped room with two different floors. When Linda and I first saw it, we even scratched our heads for a few minutes trying to figure out how the room would be furnished. We quickly figured it out and set our plan into motion with rental furniture and art, accessories, and soft goods from our inventory. After staging, the strangely configured living area now showed as a home perfect for entertaining. Not surprisingly, the home sold at the first open house after it was staged.

Vacant Home Staging Before in Braintree

Vacant Home Staging After in Braintree

Here is a testimonial from the Realtor: “Three months with no offers in a sparsely furnished house convinced me that "staging" would help. Linda and Tiffany were both professional, warm and incredibly easy to work with. The process was simple and timely. In one week we consulted, signed paper work and scheduled delivery of furnishings. They coordinated furnishings with accessories that transformed the house into a home in just a few hours. Well, we received an offer at first open house after staging and I am convinced it was the work of Linda & Tiffany. I look forward to working with them again! Thank you.”

Please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation if you are trying to sell a vacant home. Staging will paint the picture of a welcoming home for every potential buyer who views your home, and your odds of selling will drastically increase.