Model Home Staging

Buyers Desire Home Staging cozy denYou've worked hard to build a brand new home. Show it in its finest light by having it professionally staged. It has been proven that 90% of people don't have the vision to imagine a furnished space. Showing a vacant property makes it feel cold, uninviting, and small because there is no frame of reference. Buyers become confused when rooms are not clearly defined, and therefore, they are unable to emotionally connect to the home.

After careful assessment of your new build, we will develop a design plan that highlights the architectural features. The design plan will incorporate the latest style trends, and considers the buyer demographic. Through our professional associations, we have relationships with vendors that give us discounts on rental furnishings and home décor that we pass on to your client. We will stage the home using additional items from our inventory and oversee the delivery and set up. When the home is sold, we will arrange for the rental furniture to be picked up and de-stage the home.

After staging, we will take photos for you to use for your Realtor's marketing efforts. We will also make a short virtual video tour that can be posted to your MLS listing. Since 90% of buyers are searching the internet before making trips to see a property, entice them with a comfortable, welcoming home instead of a sterile, empty space. Buyers Desire Home Staging, Inc. brings warmth and appeal to your vacant property.