We Artfully Arrange It!

In our last blog, We Bring It, we explained how we have a large inventory of accessories, soft goods, art, and small furniture pieces that we bring to the home when we stage – rather than simply using the items you already own or rent from a furniture rental company at a costly expense. Even when furniture needs to be rented, we use décor items from our inventory to help keep your costs down. But it doesn’t stop there. Once the items are in the home we still need to artfully arrange them so they make the most visual impact.

A Staging Day, which is when we come to the home and bring and arrange all the inventory items, usually takes 6-8 hours for a typical 1500 square foot house. If we simply brought in the items and placed them around without much care or thought, it would only take us a few hours. Our Staging Design Plan, which we have developed before we come to the home on Staging Day, is where we decide what color, style, and feeling of accessories, art, and soft goods should be brought to appeal to the most likely buyer. But during the Staging Day is when we implement the Staging Design Plan and we arrange the items so they are “just so.” The Staging Day is when the true transformation happens.

Artfully 1Artfully 2

For this living room, prior to the Staging Day, we advised the home owner to remove the large upholstered chair to another room and move the end table with a lamp next to the sofa. Then we told them to remove the personal photos from the wall shelves and instructed them to do some general decluttering. When we developed our Staging Design Plan we wanted to make the room look brighter by adding yellow pillows to their existing blue ones. On Staging Day, we decided where each pillow and accessory should go so the room looked its best. What ties the look all together is the embroidered blue and yellow pillow acting as the focal point of the sofa. Without that one pillow, or if it was put in a different spot, the room wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. The placement of the coffee table accessories strengthen and enhance the focal point.

Another great example is artwork. Scale, proportion, color, style and feel are considerations we must make when deciding which art piece to use. Art is especially important because it directs the eye where to go. You can see from the photo below, the art we chose for over the bed was soft and feminine feeling while still being dramatic. This oversized piece was perfect here since there was no headboard. A large piece of artwork that we provided saved the home owner from having to purchase or rent a headboard.

Artfully 3Artfully 4

It is our goal to help you to have a quick, successful sale by making your home as attractive to potential buyers as possible. We very thoughtfully arrange the décor items in your home to show it off in its best possible light without asking you to make a heavy monetary investment.

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