We Bring It!

Some home stagers work with what you have – but we bring it! We bring everything that’s needed to make your home look like a dream to buyers. In addition, we bring the knowledge, experience and design skills to back it up.

Unlike many stagers who only work with what you have, or rent accessories and pieces of art for the home from a rental company (which is limited by YOUR budget), we bring everything from artwork and linens to home décor and more. We take a different approach and we base our staging cost on the size of your home – not the amount of items we bring. When it comes to vacant staging, a furniture rental company is used for the furniture (which is billed separately – without a mark-up), but we bring everything that makes your home beautiful and fresh. We call it the “layer of beauty.”

We Bring It 1We Bring It 2

Here is a before and after of a dining room that we staged. We brought three layers of dishes for each place setting – not to mention the centerpiece, napkin rings that match the dishes, wine glasses, and silverware. If these items were rented from the furniture rental company, the cost for all these items would be so high that you would most likely choose to rent the only the centerpiece.

Not surprisingly, this home sold in less than 24 hours for over asking price!

What we bring for home staging is determined on a number of factors. Extensive research of the buyer demographic for each home is conducted so that we understand the design aesthetic that will appeal to the most likely buyer. Once the targeted buyer is determined, we bring everything that will help them become emotionally connected to your home. We also put deep consideration into your home’s neighborhood, current design and architecture. From here we create a Staging Design Plan that is completely customized for your home.

Some home stagers stage to the masses and use the same inventory over and over again. We do not believe this methodology works, and we never impose our personal style, or our available inventory, on your home. We take great pride in our ability to enable buyers to emotionally connect to your home, and we never forget that your home is a large investment, both financially and in many cases, emotionally.

When it comes to home staging – we bring it! Not only do we bring the right décor for your home, but we bring professionalism and integrity you can rely on.