What is Redesign?

Although our name is Buyers Desire Home Staging, staging is only half of what we do! We also offer redesign services. But many of you may be wondering, "What is redesign?"

Redesign is the new term for "interior decorating," which is now an outdated term in the design world. To call oneself an interior designer, you must have a four year degree in interior design from an accredited design school. If you are contemplating doing major renovation of your home, such as removing walls, or adding an addition, hiring an interior designer is the best choice. However, if you need some cosmetic updates to your home in terms of wall color, flooring, furniture, space planning, accessories, art placement, etc. hiring a professional redesigner is the best choice. A redesigner is also going to be less expensive than an interior designer and your space will still become updated and beautiful.

Buyers Desire Home Staging offers different redesign packages depending on your needs. The Quick Redesign Package is great for those who want a quick transformation of their home using essentially only what they own. Since this service can be executed quickly, many times in a day or less, this is great right before the holidays to spruce up the home before friends and family come. The Full Service Redesign Package is more intensive, and is for those who have a blank slate to work from or who want an entirely new look from what they currently have.

If all you need is just some advice and a few small pieces to put the finishing touches on a space in your home, we offer a shopping service that can give the impression of a professionally designed space with only an hour or two of our time.

With options for every budget, redesign is the perfect solution for all your interior design needs.