What Sets Apart Professionally Staged Homes from Clean and Neutral Homes?

Clean and neutral is not enough to elicit an emotional response from potential buyers

staged living roomAs professional home stagers, we see all styles of homes in all conditions – from brand new builds to cluttered and outdated homes. Many times, Realtors® send us in to meet clients whose homes are in complete disarray. Of course we can help these clients, and the transformations are dramatic! But we have found that many people are under the impression that homes that are neat and clean do not need to be staged. However, there is one key reason professionally staged homes sell faster than clean and neutral homes that you don't want to overlook.At Buyers Desire Home Staging, Inc., we believe that home staging isn't just cleaning, updating, and decorating – although these are certainly components to home staging. Professionally staged homes will elicit strong, positive emotional reactions in potential buyers. A clean and neutral home will not emotionally engage the buyer.When we are contracted to stage, we look closely at the condition of the home and create a Home Preparation Plan that lists the items in need of repair, updates, and decluttering. Most homes need a fair amount of preparation. However, some homes need almost no preparation before we come in to stage. It is these homes, the homes that "look nice", that Realtors and homeowners may think don't need home staging. When a home is clean, decluttered, neutral, and has a good furniture layout, it does not mean it's ready to go on the market.living room after  living room before
Although this home was neat, decluttered, and clean, it still benefited from home staging. After staging it was more appealing to a younger buyer because of the brighter colors and updated artwork. You can see more of the transformation of this home by reading our blog post, Home Staging Success Story: Natick MA.So what do we do to set apart our professionally staged homes from clean and neutral homes?accessorized kitchen counterWhen we put our home staging plan together, we do it with the target buyer in mind. We research the buyer demographic of the location and determine how it applies to the particular property. Then we bring in our inventory items and décor geared towards the most likely buyer, so when they walk in they feel right at home. It is this "layer of beauty" that engages the buyer and starts them imagining a better life they could lead if they purchased the home. We combine this layer of beauty with a strong plan based on where we want the eye to go. We determine the best feature in each room and draw the buyers' eyes to that feature with beautiful décor. We create focal points with artwork, décor, and furniture placement. We then design the rest of the room to enhance the focal point and connect with the buyer. We also set up vignettes throughout the home that give the buyer a picture of how they can function in the home. If there is a breakfast bar, for example, we may set up a coffee press with two mugs and small breakfast plates. Most people can't imagine what isn't there, so we illustrate the function with décor. For example, we staged a home with a large kitchen that was open to the family room and dining room. We placed a bottle of wine, glasses, cheese board and some grapes on the island to plant the seed of entertaining in the buyer's mind. From these props, the buyer could easily imagine having family events and gatherings.As you can see, our professionally staged homes are uniquely customized to create emotion within the buyer. If a home is neat and clean, it may not be enough to excite them to make an offer. It takes a comprehensive home staging plan to ensure the home is designed to appeal to the right buyer. Our statistics from last year show that our professionally staged homes sold 78% faster than the homes we consulted on but didn't stage. (You can read more of our home staging statistics here.) We know how to trigger a positive emotional response within a buyer so they make offers!To download our What Buyers Desire guide, click the link below. Click to DownloadTo schedule a FREE home staging consultation, call us at 781-489-8489. We'll be happy to meet with you to show you how can help you sell your home faster and for more money.Save