When to Use Area Rugs when Staging a Home for Sale

When staging a home for sale, whether or not to use area rugs depends on many factors. We often recommend leaving hardwood floors bare – especially when the floors are in good condition. Hardwood floors are high on buyers' list of desired features, and showing them off is top priority when selling a home. However, sometimes it is useful to use area rugs in some of the homes we stage. They are a powerful home staging tool to enhance a room or help detract from an undesirable feature.Below are two cases when an area rug was needed to help break up an undesirable feature of the home, so buyers could focus on the positives of the home:Remember - it is never okay to use an area rug to hide an unsightly stain or other issue with the floor. When the buyer finds out the truth come inspection or final walk through, knowing you hid a problem will make them wonder what else you were hiding. It is best to fix problems before listing or be upfront about them.Overwhelming Knotty Pine:room staged with area rug
This is a lakefront home felt dark and more like a cabin in the woods. While the wide plank floors added a lot of character and warmth, there was just too much knotty pine and it was overwhelming. Even the ceiling was covered in wood! In this case, it was essential to break up some of the wood and bring some coastal appeal to the home. A light sky blue rug in a modern yet classic pattern was just what this room needed.Cold Tiled Living Room:room staged with area rug
Tile is great in many cases, but it is not commonly used in New England living rooms. This open concept living area of this home was tiled so we added a gold rug to give it warmth and define the seating area. This rug helped add warmth, but since the hues of the rug are similar to the tile, it still made the room feel open.Area rugs can also be used to enhance the beauty of the room. They add color and texture, ground furniture groupings, and define areas of the home – especially in open concept homes. Below are two examples when we used area rugs to enhance the room we were staging.Adding Color to an Otherwise Bland Room:room staged with area rug
This family room was painted in a neutral color (which buyers love), and the hardwood floors had recently been refinished. However, without the rug the room was too neutral. We added a colorful patterned rug to add excitement and fun to an otherwise vanilla room. We used similar colors from the rug in the accent pillows on the sofa to bring the color consistently throughout the room.A Touch of Class:room staged with area rug
This living room was staged with high end furniture pieces but the flooring was inexpensive laminate. The textured ivory area rug helped break up the laminate, define the seating area, and give a sense of formality to the room.While area rugs add to the overall décor of the home, we all know buyers desire hardwood floors over fully carpeted rooms. Download our What Buyers Desire guide to learn about what else buyers' desire so you have an advantage when it comes time to list your home on the market.Click to DownloadTo find out if your home needs an area rug to help sell your home, contact us at 781.489.8489 for a free home staging consultation.SaveSave