Who Is Staging Your Home for Sale?

Staging your home for sale with a professional home staging company is a smart decision and will most likely result is a faster sale and a higher selling price. Be sure that the home staging company you hire is reputable and experienced, so you get effective results.

With the popularity of home staging on the rise, there are many people without much (if any) experience calling themselves home stagers. Some people are staging homes as a hobby, with little time to devote to their clients because they are working full time jobs in a different field. Many have not been formally trained in home staging and are not members of a reputable home staging association.

When you are searching for a home staging company be sure to research their reviews online at popular sites like Angie’s List, Houzz, and Yelp. Reading reviews will help you quickly gauge how professional and reputable the staging company is. It is also helpful to look at their online portfolio. You can often tell how many jobs they have based on the portfolio pictures. If it seems like their portfolio has multiple pictures from the same home, chances are they have only staged a few homes.

You should also research whether they own a large inventory or rely on rental companies for furniture and accessories. We source from rental companies for the large pieces of furniture only. The ability to choose from hundreds of pieces of furniture ensures we create the exact design foundation to support the look that appeals to the targeted buyer. We are constantly expanding our inventory of thousands of accessories, artwork, florals, dinnerware, and soft goods – saving you money on rental accessories. When stagers do not have an inventory, the homes can look sparse, because they rely solely on your budget to determine the amount of rental accessories. As you can see below, since we own over a thousand décor items, we can bring a lot more to your home than a stager who needs to rent the accessories from a rental company.

Staged by another company


In this photo of a Boston kitchen, staged by a different company, the cupboards are bare, there is very little color in the accessories, and the dish towels on the stove remind buyers that they will need to work in the kitchen.

Staged by Buyers Desire Home Staging


In this photo of a Boston kitchen, staged by Buyers Desire Home Staging, there is artwork, bright flowers on the set table, cookbook by the stove, a martini shaker and glasses on the bar, and the shelves are stocked. When there are glass fronted cabinets, we always stage them (see photo below).


In this photo of a dining area staged by the other home staging company, there are bare shelves, no place settings on the table or art in the dining area. This room feels rather cold.


In this photo of a Boston dining room, staged by Buyers Desire Home Staging, you can see there are decor items and a bottle of wine to draw buyers attention to the built-in. The table is set and artwork was hung to make it feel like a home.


Research of the buyer demographic is also critical. Ask if the home staging company researches the demographic of the buyer who will most likely be purchasing your home. You should also ask if they have previously staged homes for sale in your area. You can read our previous blog post, Don't Home Stage to the Masses, to learn more about how we create a targeted staging plan for your home.

At Buyers Desire Home Staging, Inc., we are in our third year of business with 27 years of combined experience in home staging and interior redesign, and are a full time home staging and redesign firm. Research into the buyer demographic is always done before the design is conceived. We work with homeowners, real estate agents, contractors, and flippers. We are fully insured, have a large inventory, stage both vacant and occupied homes, and we are active members of the Real Estate Staging Association, and trained by the Home Staging Resource – one of the largest home staging schools in the country. We have the experience and dedication to stage your home, one of your most valuable assets.

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