Why Contractors Are Now Staging Their Homes

Times have changed. Contractors used to build homes and sell them vacant. They let the quality of their work speak for itself and nothing more was needed. Those days are long gone.

Here are the key reasons builders are now staging their homes:

  • Buyers expect quality, but want more. They are looking to get as much for their money as possible, and are not fully considering the craftsmanship involved in building the home.
  • Today's buyers watch HGTV and expect it all, but they have little imagination for furniture placement and the full potential of the space when faced with an empty home.
  • Buyers want the picture of their new lifestyle painted for them.
  • Photos of empty rooms do not show well online. Most buyers begin their search online. If the photos don't intrigue them, they'll just move on to the next listing.
  • Empty rooms do not help buyers judge the scale of the space. Los Angeles Dailey News Reports in the article, The truth behind staging: will it help you sell your house faster, at a better price?

    "Vacant houses take twice as long to sell. Many people think that an empty room lets potential buyers see what the room could look like, but empty rooms actually make the space look smaller."


We design homes to show off their architectural details while giving buyers the style they see on TV. We "paint the picture" of the lifestyle they want to live. Once they imagine themselves living in the home, they will make a solid offer. After all, the bottom line is why you built the home in the first place!

We have the know-how and the expertise to make the home you've built stand out from your competitors! View our 2013 statistics to see how we have helped other builders maximize their profit from the homes they've built.

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