You Don’t Need to Think Like a Designer to Have a Well Designed Home

by Tiffany Bryant

This past weekend my family came over to see my basement that my boyfriend and I spent the summer fixing up and turning into a home gym. My brother and his wife had not seen my condo for some time and I had changed the summer décor for fall décor. (I'm a home stager, of course I have different décor for each season smile). I overheard them talking to each other that they really liked the way I had stylized my home, and they were wondering why their new Needham home didn't look as nice. Aimee, my sister-in law, said to my brother, "We just don't think like this."

Of course they don't think like a designer - she is a lawyer and he is a software developer. Home design is not one of their many talents. The good news is that they don't have to think like a designer to have a beautiful house! Just like I would need to hire a lawyer, she needs to hire a designer (luckily in her case she can just ask me). We all have unique abilities and it is a fact about humans that I love. We truly need each other because one person can't know and do everything alone.


This client gained a whole new living space using furniture and items she already owned. The only thing that was purchased was the mirror over the fireplace.

Home is a respite from the rest of the world. It is where we can be ourselves and be surrounded with the people and things we love. You owe it to yourself and your family to have a home that is decorated in a way that is a reflection of you but still functions the way you need it to. We offer many Redesign services that can accomplish this, for less money than you may think! Most people already own items they love and have acquired over the years, they just don't know how to properly arrange them. We can come in and create a whole new look using only the items you already own. If you are moving into a new home we can help you set it up properly from the start. Whatever design dilemma you may have we can solve. Just because you don't have a natural design ability doesn't mean you can't have a nicely designed home. That is what we are here for.

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