2018 Statistics

Annually we follow each home we consult on, whether the home owners stage with us or list unstaged/stage with another staging company, to track the results of the sale.

Days to Offer

On average, how many days did it take once listed to receive an accepted offer?

Our clients experienced an accepted offer 15 days sooner than those who chose to list unstaged or go with another staging company.

That is over two weeks of less stress and worry about receiving the right offer!

Sale Price over/under listing price

On average, how much did the home sell for compared to the list price?

On average, those who didn’t hire BDHS made $27,000 LESS than their listing price.

Those who did hire BDHS made $17,300 MORE than their listing price - that is an average of 435% return on staging investment.

Your home ought to sell at the highest dollar amount possible. let us help you ACHIEVE that goal!